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Telehealth solutions bring clinical expertise to hospitals and member’s patients when and where they need it. Care Network members can enroll in a wide range of virtual solutions to increase specialty coverage, actively monitor their patients, review patient cases, receive specialist feedback, and address patient needs as they arise.

The Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Care Network offers members a wide range of telehealth solutions. Expand the options below to learn more. 

We offer hyper-acute stroke care and management services for both the emergency room and inpatients. We utilize advanced technology and artificial intelligence to streamline our acute stroke workflow, providing rapid communications and alerts in a time-sensitive situation.

A neurologist immediately consults with a member's onsite provider, interviews and virtually examines the patient, reads their CT scan, evaluates blood tests, and, together with the member’s physician, determines the type of stroke and the safest and most effective possible treatment. 

Our virtual cardiac monitoring service provides continuous surveillance of five-lead cardiac rhythms for acute and critical care patients from our patient monitoring suite. Trained monitor technicians recognize, report, and record real-time rhythm changes and arrhythmias in accordance with established standards and procedures.

High reliability, low variability means higher quality of care and lower associated costs. Our virtual cardiac monitoring service cares for patients according to the latest American Heart Association guidelines. Our standardized processes address decreasing alarm fatigue and ensure evidence-based, compassionate, and safe patient care. 

Our telehealth network manages on-call psychiatrists capable of providing acute, on-demand consultations in the emergency department, and inpatient medical unit.

Consultation services include medication management, legal disposition decision support, medical necessity for transfer, minor behavioral treatment planning, and assistance with capacity determinations. 

Our inpatient telepharmacy team provides remote 24/7 pharmacy coverage for your patients, including medication order review, drug information services, and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Our remote pharmacists review and verify medication orders and, when necessary, contact providers to clarify orders or make recommendations for changes. This service is available after hours in small hospitals when their pharmacy is closed, providing 24/7 pharmacist care for patients. Our team can cover multiple facilities with one pharmacist, reducing the cost for individual hospitals. 

Our virtual companion provides continuous video monitoring care and immediate response assistance from a trained technician. Unlike one-to-one sitters in the hospital, each virtual companion effectively monitors up to 12 patients at a time depending on each patient’s risk and level of activity.

At initiation of the virtual companion service, personalized needs are identified and communicated in a standard written format to a technician. The virtual companion works closely with the bedside nursing team to alert them to patient needs.

If a patient requires additional monitoring or intervention, the companion collaborates with a member’s bedside staff to ensure these needs are met. As needs or patient states change, the virtual companion adjusts care and works with the bedside nurse to ensure quality care is provided.

The principal indication for the virtual companion is to reduce the risk of falls and prevent pulling of lines in high-risk patients. Our team also monitors the patients to help prevent harm from substance abuse, seizures, elopement due to confusion or wandering, and observation of non-violent restraints (e.g., mitts or vests). 

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