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We focus on consulting projects designed to help Care Network members improve operations, deploy evidence-based practices, and empower teams to keep pace with changing practices. Better decision making, enhanced knowledge, and more efficient systems are all hallmarks of our services.

Consulting services include the following: 

The Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) is a performance management methodology that drives a culture of quality improvement and safety across the organization. Based on the basic tenets of the Toyota Production System and elements from the philosophies of kaizen and lean, VMPS helps ensure that patients get safe, appropriate, and high-quality care.

We understand the challenges of accomplishing excellent throughput and clinical outcomes while maintaining low costs for your system and patients. We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare executives navigate these challenges, establish a culture of improvement, and sustain long-term results.

VMPS strategies range from small-scale ideas tested and implemented immediately to long-range planning that redesigns new spaces and processes. By working with us, you will learn from world-renowned health care improvement experts who have trained and coached executives in over 25 countries. 

We help start, manage, or complete finance-related projects ranging from business office to patient account assessments. Our goal is to ensure workflows are solid, processes and policies are current, coders are working to national standards, and your revenue cycle is operating to maximize efficiency. We unravel and map workflows, review and identify staffing challenges, and identify gaps, opportunities, and deficiencies. We work with your team to provide recommendations, implement solutions, and ensure changes are adopted. 

Prepare for inspections with mock environment of care (EOC) and lab surveys to ensure compliance with DNV, DOH, and JCAHO requirements. Our team will help you navigate agency requirements and identify areas of concern that need to be addressed. Our team will provide a step-by-step written report with directives on how to mitigate deficiencies to ensure your hospital meets regulatory requirements and successfully passes agency inspections. 

We help start, manage, and complete projects currently outside a member’s bandwidth. Projects range from updating department policies to providing operational assessments of key areas, including compliance, quality, safety, operating room, pharmacy, and medical staff services. We do this by providing onsite assessments of key departments to identify gaps, opportunities, and deficiencies. We then provide support and help implement recommendations, providing supporting methodologies to ensure that recommended changes are adopted and maintained.

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